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    Hi People!!

    Welcome to the community @Scar
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Baby Keem - Orange soda
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Post the name or link to the song that your listening to right now.
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    BItchslap Info and Rules

    This Section is where you can call out other members for rap battle in any form, be it text or audio ( beats / songs) You can also post for an open battle challenge and battle with other members who are interested.
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    Audio Battles Rules

    1. Anyone with more than 3 battles going on will be DQ'D. 2. Votes will be Reviews by staffs, admins and users. 3. No freeposting.. doesn't matter where it is ( battle, call out thread.. ) Anyone caught free-posting in another persons battle will be disqualified from their own battle...
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    How to Embed Media ( Youtube / Soundcloud / Spotify Etc ) player on a post

    Right after the similies icon in the text edit menu, you have an option called install media. Paste your link on a box written, Enter media URL : Approved sites You may insert media from these sources Apple Music Dailymotion Facebook Flickr Giphy Imgur Instagram Liveleak Metacafe Pinterest...
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    How to write Raps ? Improve Your Lyrical Skills with these few basic tips

    metaphor you say one thing is another. like if you said 'my style is gravity', that's a metaphor. your style = gravity. allegory metaphor with a full explanation. like if you continued your meta and said, 'my style is gravity, everybody fall because of it' this is an allegory. symbol symbol is...
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    Immunity Theft This items makes the buyer immune against theft or stealth of trap mula
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    Profile Music

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    User Title Style

    Available styles Bold Italic Underline Color Glow Shadow
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    Username Change

    You can buy this item to change your username
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    Rules / Info on posting your Audio (READ ONCE BEFORE POSTING)

    Welcome to TN's Audio Showcase forums!! Here, all upcoming and established, artists and producers post their latest audio material for feedback. You have the chance to discover new artists , and give your input on the process, as well as contribute material of your own. While posting your work...
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    Rules For Text Battles

    Text Battles Rules and Info 1. No ghostwriting. If someone else writes lines for you, you are banned and so is your ghostwriter. Ghostwriting is plagiarism. Penalty: Lifetime ban. 2. No Biting. Biting is stealing lines from other people. You are not allowed to copy paste rhymes from...
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    Hi, my name is trap and I am setting up this board. If you have any questions related to the forums, do not hesitate to PM me.