Lockdown Verse - Let me know what you think about my rhymes


Yo I started life harassed, as i look back i might collapse
rewrite the past, use to just grab the mic for cash
found delight in grass, use to smoke and light fast
as night-passed, thought to myself fa slight possiblitie
with my abilities, gettin bucked is a high probability
fight still in me, stood there to watch my homies-die
lonely-cries, everybody called me shy, fooled me by
coldness-lies made me think that i was too weak to start
sololy tear crews-apart, relied verbally to the mic to get to hearts
thru-parts use to reminisce and think what am I doin
life-ruined, drinkin to many high fluids, hated on by light crew kids
I-knew-it, had me blind, didnt know where my future will lead
or when i will-reach my goal and how many kids in my way will-bleed
we'll-see, really I just want someone to stick a gat to my dome and kill me
feel-me? why kids describe my flow as illy i don know but I still be
grab my milli, and continue to say whats on my mind
but scars from my past makes me remember my kind
my rhyme unforgiven and unforgettable to many that have come in my-way
walk nights, dead by-day, wishin i can turn to an angel and just fly away
yet i might stay, yet as tears-fall, i grow fearful that the end is near-us-all
armageddon and apocalypse approachin killin all thats cheerful
peers-fall, watchin so many I grew up with go straight-to-they-grave
tryin to provoke the use of violence, cuz theres nothing hatin-can-save
statin-lifes-made, yet dunno what keeps holdin what left of me
thinkin to myself I am the only person that controllin my destiny
its cold keep death away from me, tryin to regain my sanity
hated on everyday, just thought fuck it all ya just fan-of-me
vanish me, look at my life i cant stand all-this-stress
look at my fallin rep, thinkn i got more but all-is-less
all-thats-left, is my ability to reminisce about history//
daily throwin fist you see, why i'm still alive is such a mystery
hits-to-me, are painless because my body is nullified-of-pain
mental scars sentimentally are causing crying-brains
dyin-pains, tears from my mind cryin out for a touch from the light
darkness enravels me yet I am guided by my love for the mic
blood drippin from fights, yet my heart feels no emotion from numbness
when I got into this game didnt know it will come to this
now i run this bitch yet i am feelin my days are numbered
someone just put an end to me and send me to endless slumber

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