VTEN’s Long Awaited Music Video Of ‘KATHAA’ Is Finally Releasing On This Weekend.

Almost after 4 months, VTEN is finally back and releasing a very fresh music video ‘ KATHAA ‘ ft. a very soulful singer- Dharmendra Sewan. The song is produced by @Beatsbyhype. The official audio of this video is released today on paid streaming services like Apple music, Spotify, Deezer etc.

He released a teaser of ‘KATHAA’ about a week ago through his social handles, following with its promo. The premier of the official video was held on 29th July 2018 where, his loved ones and the team involved with some chosen medias attended the event.

The Song’s title came from the story of every middle-class father of Nepal. This video is directed by Uman Waiba ( The Dream Team Entertainment ) where as the concept came from VTEN himself. I would say that the video has perfectly matched the audio more like the visuals matches the vision. The vibe, the emotions, the feel and everyone involved in the video – everything is  perfect. Huge shout out to both the music producer @Beatsbyhype and video director, Uman Waiba ( The Dream Team Entertainment ).  In May 2017, VTEN released an official video of BAINI ( SELIN ) and the story continues in this video but from a father’s perceptive.

” He says he was inspired by all the stories and the real life events he has witnessed. So he tried to switch the shoes with a middle-class nepali father and portray his vision of a rap song which can be  relatable to so many people.”

The official video of ‘KATHAA’ is dropping on this friday, 3rd August 2018. When asked, VTEN says that he is super excited for people to finally be able  to see his official video as he has worked very hard on this song with @Beatsbyhype along side Dharmendra Sewan and The Dream Team Entertainment.