​ “Trap Nepal Releases new Trap Song titled – PACK BANA.”

April 27,2018 Trap Nepal releases new Trap Song titled “PACK BANA” by RAVANA aka Umesh Chand. Produced by HYPE (BeatsByHype) this song is a nepali EDM/Trap song which will give you the party vibes and reminds you the times you have with liquor even when you’re alone or with your friends in the club or anywhere else.

This song definitely will give the energy to pull yourself out of the bed (only if your are in bed lol) and dance like a maniac, gives you an illusion as if you are in the club yourself and dance like no one’s watching. The lyrics and the vocal itself is on the high energy level and when its mixed with the beat, you cannot resist yourself to head-bang or dance like crazy. You sure will enjoy this song.