Rules For Text Battles

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Text Battles Rules and Info

1. No ghostwriting. If someone else writes lines for you, you are banned and so is your ghostwriter. Ghostwriting is plagiarism.
Penalty: Lifetime ban.

2. No Biting. Biting is stealing lines from other people. You are not allowed to copy paste rhymes from google.
Penalty: Lifetime ban.

3. No Recycling. Don''t use your old rhymes. Write new shit and keep it original.
Penalty: Loss By Disqualification.

4. NO SWAYING. Swaying is making comments about your opponent's verse, or bitching about votes.
Penalty: Loss By Disqualification.

5. No Free posting. Free posting is any post which isn't a check in or a verse.
Penalty: Temporary Ban.

6. 1 Vote Link Rule - For every battle after the first 10 battles, every participant has to have links to 1 battle he/she voted on recently within 24 hours of dropping (or its a disqualify at a mods discretion). Using the same link in different battles is an instant disqualification. (If you do not have 50 posts to vote, leave feedback on 1 battle anyways and link them).

7. Voting rings = Banned for life. If you have a group of "IG buddies" or "PM Pals" from school or work that you ask and get votes from, you are banned and they are banned as well.

8. If you post a link without voting, moderators will follow the link and disqualify you.

9. Do not ask anyone to vote on your battle, except by providing them with a link at the end of your vote. Do not DM, Email, or otherwise ask anyone to vote on your battle. That is unfair & you will be banned.

10. Do not do anything that would provide you with an unfair advantage or that would discourage anyone from voting fairly or participating in TN battles. Do not do anything stupid like voting on battles which aren't finished yet or voting on battles which aren't completed.
Penalty for both: Ban

11. No Pics / videos in a battle. Do not include pictures of any kind in your text battles. This includes pic(s) of your opponent, something to help voters see a picture of your verse, links to a pic, etc. This is not allowed. The only time it is allowed is if you state it in the rules and your opponent checks in and agrees.
Penalty for this: Loss by Disqualification.

14. All Battles in TN require a minimum number of 10 lines. If you drop any less than 10 lines, you will be disqualified and win given to the opponent. If both drop less than 10 lines, then the battle is closed and no win given.

15. If both individuals do not check in their battle within 48 hours of the match up being set, then this battle will be closed and moved. This is to prevent The No Show Clutter getting lost in the black hole behind all the other open matches.

16. All battles are ranked. There is no exception unless the moderators are making the thread for a specific reason.

18. No feeding off an opponent's verse. It doesn't matter who dropped 1st, you can't flip the lines your opponent used, to gain an advantage.

19. YOU NEED TO HAVE 50 POSTS ELSEWHERE BEFORE YOU CAN VOTE ON A BATTLE. If we detect yourself creating multiple accounts using proxy or VPN, we will ban all your accounts and IP addresses from the forum aces for lifetime.

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