Founded in early 2017, Trap Nepal is a Record Label that is powered by Nepali community, our in-house creative team and the artists themselves. we serve our music to 34 thousands (and counting.) people each week on our official youtube channel where there are people form all across the world.

         Trap Nepal started as a movement with an aim to spread trap music here in Nepal. Also, aims to provide a platform for many artists to showcase their talents , express themselves and to connect with the people behind the speakers/headphones. Over the year, we have expanded our mission to include more genre in electronic music than just trap. We have featured more than 30 artists now, and ever song has a story that needs to be told which again aims to inspire people. 

          We have grown into an infuential force of a lot of Nepali Audience , Musicians, to discuss their ideas , creativity, suggestions, with the people all aroud the world. and because of that, we have been able to improve ourselves along with the artists themselves.

        The in-house creative team at trapnepal aims to create something Nepal has not heard before but in Nepali style. We work with different artists to paint our creativity into a blank canvas in form of music.